Sasan Abri (b. 1984, Tehran, Iran) has graduated from Mah-e-Mehr Institute. He began his career as a self-taught photographer and later continued to study under recognized Iranian photographers and lecturers. Abri makes use of unusual cameras, such as pinhole camera and Polaroid. He especially enjoys working with Polaroid, through which he manipulates the final result by experimenting with various chemicals during the photographic processing in order to achieve his desired effect. Tehran is a dominant theme in his photographs and videos, through which he expresses his views on society and politics. On the other hand, he seeks sanctuary in nature, which he finds enchanting, unpredictable, and glorious. Abri has held five solo exhibition s and his works have been included in numerous national and international group shows. He lives and works in Tehran.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2018 | Exposed Series, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2015 | Beyond Blue Series, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2013 | The Dormant Yellow Series, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2012 | Conjunctivitis Series, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2010 | The Lost Series, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2019 | Factory 02, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2019 | Tehran Trace, “An Ongoing Project on Designs from Tehran”, Comode Design Space, Tehran, Iran
  • 2019 | Flower, “the pure paradox”, IN/JA Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2018 | Factory 01, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2016 | Fearless, The Next Wave of Artist from Iran Curated by Fereydon Ave, The exhibition will be held simultaneously in Tehran and Dubai
  • 2016 | Iran x Cuba: Beyond the headline Exhibition organized by Roya Khajavi Project, Rouge Space Chelsea, New York, USA
  •  2015 | A`INA-KARILOOKIN GLASS, An Exhibition of Photography Sasan Abri & Dadbeh Bassir, La Caja Blanca, Palma photo 2015, Spain
  • 2015 | Tehran Virtual & Real, Group Exhibition, Aaran Gallery , Tehran, Iran
  • 2014 | Cities and Stories, fotoistanbul, Besiktas International Festival of Photography, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2014 | Art for Peace, Curated by Solmaz Shabani, Group Exhibition, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2014 | A Review of a Decade of Video Art in Iran, Group Video Exhibition, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
  • 2013 | Lost and Found in Tehran, Curated by Sohrab Kashani, Group Video Exhibition, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
  • 2013 | Sub Tehran, Curated by Sohrab Kashani, Group Exhibition, Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2013 | Silence, Curated by Iman Safaei, Group Photo & Text Exhibition,Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2013 | 4th Limited Access Festival, Curated by Amirali Ghasemi, Parking Gallery projects’ in collaboration with Aaran Art Gallery, Saroseda &, Tehran, Iran
  • 2012 | Intersection, Curated by Leila Sajjadi, Group Photography, Film & Video, Painting, Installation Exhibition, Urban Art House & Sabz Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2011 | AKSbazi, Curated by Haleh Anvari, Group Exhibition, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2010 | New Folder 01, Curated by Arash Fayez, Group Exhibition, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2010 | “This is Iranian”, Curated by Haleh Anvari, AKSbazi Group Exhibition, SOAS, University of London, UK
  • 2010 | The Iranian New Year, Curated by Haleh Anvari, MOP Group Exhibition, British Museum, London, UK
  • 2010 | “Tehran Virtual & Real?” , Curated by Nazila Noebashari,Group Exhibition, Aaran Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran
  • 2010 | “1/15”, Group Photography Exhibition, Mah-e-Mehr Gallery, Mah-e-Mehr Institute, Tehran, Iran
  • 2010 | Appropriation Allowed, Curated by Arash Fayez, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Art Fairs

  • 2019 | Teer Art Week, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2018 | Contemporary Istanbul, Mohsen Gallery Booth, Istanbul, Turkey

Selected Contests

  • 2008 | The 11th Iranian National Photo Biennial, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2008 | The 8th Amateur Photography of Abrang Festival, Mashhad, Iran.

Additional Educations

  • 2010 | Art Critic, Prof. Hamid Severi, Chaharsou-e-Honar Institute, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2009 | Photography in Art Context, Prof. Mehran Mohajer, Mah-e-Mehr Institute, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2009 | “How to make an idea into a project?” Workshop, Prof. Hamid Severi, Mah-e-Mehr Institute, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2008 | Contemporary Photography / Post-Modernism and Photography, Prof. H. Severi, Mah-e-Mehr Institute, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2005 | Documentary Photography, Prof. Bahman Jalali, Mah-e-Mehr Institute, Tehran, Iran.


  • 2014 | View of Dormant Yellow Series “Retrospective of Old Tehran Architecture” by “ Alireza Ahmadi Saie, No.51,  Herfeh Honarmand Magazine. Tehran, Iran.
  • 2014 | View of Dormant Yellow Series“Edgar Allen Poe House” by Maryam Rahnama, No.2871, Etemad Newspaper, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2014 | View of Dormant Yellow Series, “Dormant Yellow, Alive Yellow” by Saleh Tasbihi, No.72, Aseman Magazine, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2014 | View of Dormant Yellow Series, “Dormant Yellow, Alive Yellow” by Saleh Tasbihi.
  • 2012 | View of Conductivities Series, “Invisible Borders” by Mehran Mohajer, No.11, Golestaneh Magazine, Tehran, Iran.